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Quote (Glen Davidson @ Jan. 23 2008,15:13)
I'm hoping that Stein is telling the truth for once:

Ben, himself, has lost opportunities because of his work on the project and regularly receives hate mail.

Not the hate mail, if true, but I don't mind either people telling him that he's an ignorant twit promoting theo-fascism, nor the fact of people who prefer liberty to his brand of dictatorship not hiring such a cheap con-man.

Glen D

This seems like a good a place as any for a competition competition... Obviously the attached pic is far too childish to publish anywhere... But what *could* Ben Stein be writing with that spray-can? He is after all, this generation's rebel...

The best caption "wins a prize".

"Itís not worth the effort to prove the obvious. Ridiculous ideas donít deserve our time.
Even the attempt to formulate ID is a generous accommodation." - ScottAndrews

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