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Quote (Glen Davidson @ Jan. 23 2008,14:13)
I'm hoping that Stein is telling the truth for once:

Ben, himself, has lost opportunities because of his work on the project and regularly receives hate mail.

Not the hate mail, if true, but I don't mind either people telling him that he's an ignorant twit promoting theo-fascism, nor the fact that people who prefer liberty to his brand of dictatorship not hiring such a cheap con-man.

Glen D

Well, considering that he's on the carny circuit, he's probably getting hate mail from the kind of fanatics who think you're the "wrong" kind of creationist.

But remember, this is the guy who screamed “Nazis” at the cops who arrested Larry Craig for doing what Craig says he wasn’t doing but the ACLU will now defend his right to do (and I agree!;).

In other words, Ben Stein is a drama…queen? :) (That slipped out. Naa, I don’t think it’s true. If anyone needs to come out of the closet, it’s Ray Comfort. And yeah, hoo boy, imagine how the right wing will trumpet dangers of Nazism, which persecuted gays, then. Oh, yeah, we'll hear all about how we'd better not act like Nazis then.)

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