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Quote (Jason Spaceman @ Jan. 23 2008,10:53)
Why Darwinism is So Dangerous

Ben Stein, host of a new film on Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism, gives an answer

ByKatherine T. Phan
Christian Post Reporter
Wed, Jan. 23 2008 07:58 AM ET

For Ben Stein, host of an upcoming documentary on the dominance of Darwinism in academia, Darwinism is not just problematic but dangerous even.

In a media teleconference for the film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” on Tuesday, Stein pointed out that Darwinian teaching on natural selection and random mutation "led in a straight line to the holocaust and Nazism."

Darwin said that there were certain species that were superior to other species and all were competing for scarce supplies of food or resources, Stein pointed out. But if there was a limited supply of basic resources, Darwinism taught that "you owe it to the superior race to kill the inferior race," he told reporters.

Darwinian evolutionary theory fueled Nazi idealism that felt gypsies, Eastern Europeans and others were competing with them for scarce basic resources, explained Stein.

"As a Jew, I am horrified that people thought Jews were so inferior they didn't deserve to live," he commented.

Read it here.

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1 Forms

2 Etymology and usage
2.1 Definitions
2.2 Use as a pejorative

3 History
3.1 Ancient world
3.2 Accusations of deicide
3.3 Persecution of Jews in the Middle Ages
3.4 Medieval Accusations of Deicide
3.5 Seventeenth century
3.6 Eighteenth century

3.7 Nineteenth century
3.8 Twentieth century

I fixed this.  Darwin invented antisemitism.

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