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W. Dembski:
So, what do you get exactly for the $9.50 per minute?

You get to explore your fantasy with someone who will agree with anything you say.

"Oooh - show me some specified complexity, sweety."

"Now that's what I call an Explanatory Filter, big boy!"

"I've been naughty, will you expel me again - please, Dr Dr?"

"I'll show you my black box if you show me your flagellum"

"Yeah baby, eject that atheist, now, now - Oh you missed one"

"It's OK Honey, I don't need results. No really it's all right, I'm used to it with cdesign proponentists."

"It's Dover now, or would you like another 5 minutes?"

The organized fossils ... and their localities also, may be understood by all, even the most illiterate. William Smith, Strata. 1816

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