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Quote (Nomad @ Mar. 26 2008,21:07)
Quote (Doc Bill @ Mar. 26 2008,16:32)
Call me stupid but I just do not understand this fascination with Nazis.

I mean, I think I went through a Nazi phase in the third grade, but it was short lived.

So, let me get this straight.  Darwinism leads to Nazi-ism.  OK, right.  But, only in Germany in the 1930's.  Nowhere else in the world, in no other country, at no other time in the past 150 years except in Germany in the 1930's.

Therefore it would appear that Expelled was produced by third graders, or is that being unfair to third graders?

Actually no, after covering the Holocaust they tried to tap into current fundie hot button issues.  After saying that while Evolution wasn't guaranteed to cause eugenics it was a required element for it to be able to happen (ignoring that whole Spartan thing, apparently the producers didn't see 300), they went on to cover Planned Parenthood.

This shocked me.  I guess I must be out of touch, I had no idea how much animosity the fundies had for Planned Parenthood.  They showed the PP logo on screen and the audience at the Expelled screening gasped collectively.  To them Planned Parenthood was more horrifying than piles of dead bodies being shoveled into an incinerator.  Because Planned Parenthood supplies birth control to the poor the audience was told that that means they're practicing eugenics.

Not just Planned Parenthood, the filmmakers tried to tie birth control, abortion, and euthanasia into one big warning that eugenics was alive and well in America today, that "darwinism" was devaluing human life in our modern world.

In other words, the message wasn't just "it could happen here", but that it is happening now and that all those good Christians out there are obligated to fight against the theory of evolution for the good of the country.

I too watched in astonishment as the audience gasped in horror as the Planned Parenthood logo was displayed on screen. (For my part I said, “This is ridiculous!” right out loud.) I wasn’t entirely surprised, given the attitudes out there, but I was surprised that Stein would go so far as to associate himself with a project that condemns birth control itself. But I guess that’s when I felt relief, ironically, at how batshit insane this film is.

You can’t pull that stuff and have a mainstream blockbuster “documentary” and end up the “Republican Michael Moore.” You just can’t.

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