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Here's a really long article from the Hollywood Investigator in 2003 that traces Stein's career:

Ben's a real pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps kind of guy:

Stein recalled a black woman who'd asked him, following his speech at Pepperdine University, how people were to get an education after cuts in the school budget.  "What I said to her was, no public school system has ever been invented that is so poor that a really well-motivated, well- disciplined student cannot get an education.  There's libraries, there's internet, there's newspapers, there are inexpensive books.  Some of the problem of the unemployment among inner city African-Americans is due to their own inability to educate themselves, to get themselves marketable skills.

"I'm a huge fan of rap.  I'm floored at the incredible creativity and discipline and hard work of some of these rap stars who make themselves into giant sensations.  I keep thinking to myself, the inner city is an enormous reservoir of talent that has yet to be tapped by America -- but it has to tap itself first of all."

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most well documented events of antiquity. Barry Arrington, Jan 17, 2012.

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