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Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Mar. 26 2008,09:46)
Speaking on Nazis and Ben Stein, Michael Shermer noted that during his Expelled interview Stein made some questionable comments about "blacks" that lead him to believe Stein probably harbors racist ideas.  He also said he (Shermer) wrote a review for Scientific American.

Has anyone seen that review or read more about Stein's alleged racist leanings?

:O Jeebus...H...Chriminey...
That Spectator article:  
Josef Goebbels would have been happy with much of the mainstream media in the past few weeks since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Goebbels, for those of you too young to know, was Hitler's propaganda minister. He is credited with creating the concept of The Big Lie. The idea was that if you tell a lie big enough often enough, people will believe it.

Josef Goebbels, again! Josef Goebbels! He's everywhere! Nazis in our public schools! Nazis in the bathroom of the Mpls/St Paul airport! The Nazis are taking ovahhhhhhh!

I can't stand it.

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