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Ok, it is 60 years ago that the nazi's were squashed, and in the years after, most ideas loosely based on severe misinformed social Darwinisms have been eliminated in society. Nowadays, scientists are among the most liberal, most pro helping the weak, including most so-called "Darwinists". So, and now we suddenly have to believe that because some idiot who misused Christianity-based antisemitism, mixed with misrepresented Social Darwinism SIXTY years ago, we are NOWADAYS not anything better.

Lets see, if the so-called Christian get there way, they would like to sterilize Gays, export them, kil them, because why, because they are deviant. Humm that was exactly the motivation from, guess who, Hitler. Cool. Interracial marriage. If any group does not have an issue with that, it is academics, while our average Joe Fundamentalist will nicely go to a white church and shivers with the idea that his daughter wants to marry a black guy.

Eugenetics was rampant throughout the world before World War II, including the USA. After the war, it lost it traction and the world has changed since then. And that is where I think we should focus on, not whether or not the movie is actually correct. Because of we are going to dig, it will become clear that Social Darwinism was happily embraced by many with an agenda based on century-old prejudices against anything non-white and "deviant".

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