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Pick the joy out of this...

His exploits as a seducer surprised even his acquaintances in the free and easy world of the theatre. "You'll end up in the courts one day, Leautaud"," he was told by an actress who warned against his taste for girls under the age of consent.

Each morning he would go out for a drink before breakfast. Surrounded by his pack of frisking dogs he swaggered down the street, eyes alert for women. In his hand he carried a dog whip. If he saw a woman he fancied the whip-lash would flick out and circle her waist from behind. Then he would pull her towards him. The ploy was usually effective. For every woman who resisted angrily there were always two or three ready to acquiesce. By the simple law of averages he was bound to win most of the time.

"Ah, you know he was a handsome fellow," Paul Leautaud's mother said later with a certain huskiness in her voice at the memory...

From Lost Illusions: Paul Léautaud and His World

Uncle Joe and Aunty Mabel
Fainted at the breakfast table
Children, let this be a warning
Never do it in the morning -- Ralph Vaughan Williams

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