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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 30 2007,13:27   

Quote (Louis @ Nov. 30 2007,13:12)
CJ has hit the nail on the head, esp with the Sagan quote.

I also deeply love the money/whiskey suggestions.

J-Dog, I personally operate a three-ish strikes and you're out policy, I think that's a great way to do things. I also know what baseball is, it's as good an excuse for drinking as cricket. 5 day test matches with a bar open all day. Yes PLEASE!


P.S. I poopooed the flamethrower because I am being told off for saying that shooting fundies was a waste of bullets, i.e. coming out AGAINST shooting fundies when 'twas being discussed humourously. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea by actually agreeing with a flamethrower suggestion now do I? By even mentioning it, even in disapproval, I am running the risk of being accused of being at the head of a jackbooted hoard hell bent on killing all religious people everywhere. Such is the hysterical level of assuming hostility where none exists. Some people cannot distinguish between "hostile" and "annoyed".

Oh, I didn't realise you was being humorous. I was counting on those extra rounds. You do realise that a flamethrower burns fossil fuels and endangers everyone? Sheesh! 

Yeh, yeh, you just go on warming the globe.

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