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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 30 2007,12:42   

Quote (Louis @ Nov. 30 2007,10:10)
The point is simple, at what point and under what circumstances do we decide to write someone off as a kook incapable of engaging in rational discourse.


I think that a baseball analogy fits perfectly here - three strikes and you're out*.

We gave FTK I believe 127 strikes, that's a couple too many, but I believe we, the entire ATBC Board was feeling magnaminous that day... er, month.

How to deal with an entrenched Creo? (And I can't believe you pooh poohed my flamethrower idea!?) Do what we did and call them on their evasions, and illusions, and as Jam suggests, betting them cold hard cash works, but of course, if they are a True Lyer For Christ™, they can always get more from the gullible saps true believers.

I say let them be dumb, just keep it out of the schools.

*For you Brits,  baseball is what cricket became once it grew up. USA!  USA!  USA!

Come on Tough Guy, do the little dance of ID impotence you do so well. - Louis to Joe G 2/10

Gullibility is not a virtue - Quidam on Dembski's belief in the Bible Code Faith Healers & ID 7/08

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