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I am not sure exactly what you mean, but my understanding is that you would like to discuss how to treat ID creationists and their willing and maybe unwitting minions?

1.  Personal Level, including acquaintances

2.  Non-personal level, primarily news media.

On a personal level, it is best ignored, for example when the Creo is someone you are married to, or other family members.

2.  On a non-personal level, you should be under no obligation to accept their particular myth, whether it is Creo, Muslim, or Wiccan.  How polite I am depends on how insistent they are at forcing their myth upon me, but I think that normal interaction politeness level rules would apply.

Personally, I do not even bother to approach anyone about their beliefs, since despite what Creos like FTK, DaveScot and other UD denizens think, atheism is not a belief system, it is non-belief system.  If someone wants to be stupid, hey, it’s not my job to tell them they are.  

If your hypothetical guy in the bar pushes to convert me (or more likely a door-to-door converter type), I usually tell them that God told me that they are a tool of the devil and they should immediately stop doing what they are doing.  I rarely have to respond twice.  I assume that the appearance of meeting someone even crazier than they are immediately halts them in their tracks.  

If they are a yeller and a screamer for Christ like Fred Phelps and family, I think it justified to be a little more severe with a response, so a flamethrower or grenade would be fully justified.  (Ha!  Just kidding - but it would be funny in a cartoon!)  Unfortunately, in the real world, we have to allow them room to vent their spleen, but listen to them? No.  Why bother.  I feel the same with radical Muslims and other haters – legal allowance, personal repugnance.

What is the solution long term?  Fight legal battles wherever and whenever possible.  Teach rationality in thought and actions whenever and wherever possible.  

Continue blogging at ATBC, because for every post we make here, Jesus tears the wings off an angel.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Joe D

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