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referencing the dylan discussion above:
my eldest child (19 yr old male) just brought home an armload of vinyl that belongs to his main squeeze's parent.  
said sqeeze is seriously xtian.
as are parental units.
armload is of serious thumper soft rock.
one of the albums is dylan's "slow train coming".
unfamiliar with that album.
artwork looks xtian.

one is barry mcguire's "lighten up" album with "eve of destruction".  
there's another mcguire on which i recognize nothing.

we are tasked with converting to cd.
i be has isb turntable.
i am considering what to slide onto said cd's as payment.

eagles "last resort"?
inxs "dear god"?

and what exactly what does it mean when one is trotting out all the old heavy metal from one's childhood and the chirrens say "enough lawrence welk, play something heavy..."

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