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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 02 2007,19:50   

Quote (Robert O'Brien @ Nov. 02 2007,19:17)
'Tis true. He was at Scripps, which is just across the way. I was not able to make his talk because the traffic was atrocious today and also because I remembered that I technically did not know where Scripps was. (I had to call my roommate. It is like another campus, really.) I made the post-talk discussion, though, and I introduced myself just as PZ was about to leave.

I guess I can say that PZ did not have horns and was not a terribly mean old atheist in person. (I may have missed that part, though!) I even told him to have a safe flight back. Do you think I am getting soft?

Is it possible for you to post the photo somewhere?

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