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Wesley R. Elsberry

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 09 2007,04:46   

Ok, I now have a post up on this topic at PT.

I entered the following comment over at William Brookfield's weblog in the thread where he whines about critics not responding on his schedule to EIL online essays.


The "Unacknowledged Costs" paper critiquing Schneider's "ev" has unacknowledged errors. The conclusions in another of the essays are tainted by reliance on the bogus numbers in the "ev" critique.

Tom Schneider had responses up back near the beginning of August in his usual place for such responses. It doesn't seem that Brookfield's search could be described as assiduous.

I've been awaiting substantive replies from Dembski on several of my critiques for years. Will Brookfield draw a conclusion about Dembski from that datum?

Wesley R. Elsberry

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