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Alan Fox

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 27 2007,07:34   

Telic Thoughts seems to be going the same way as all the pro-ID blogs. (That's imploding, in case anyone wasn't sure!)
Take UD's list of ID friendly blogs:

(Fair moderation policy has resulted in most pro-ID posters being beaten into submission by some excellent anti-ID regulars. Almost moribund.)

Design Inference
(Just Dembski stuff, no comments, not a true blog)

ID in the UK
( Just one witless guy's blog with nothing posted for a couple of months)

ID the future ID Superblog
(DI propaganda, no comments, not a true blog)

(Moribund, apart from one notable exception.)

Overwhelming Evidence
(Moribund, supposedly for young ID folks, but same, sad faces)

Post-Darwinist The Blog of Denyse O'Leary
(Heavily-moderated, Gobbledegook threads, very few comments, none meaningful)

Telic Thoughts
(Somewhat of a maverick, used to be the thinking man's UD, what happened to Bilbo?)

Young Cosmos Personal site of Salvador Cordova
(Amazingly, Sal is still posting, so ID is not dead yet.)

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