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Quote (Frostman @ Nov. 26 2007,21:37)
This post is to document my recent banning at Telic Thoughts (  Like here, my username there is Frostman.

...Therein lies the tale of Frostman's adventure with Telic Thoughts.  If I were to speculate, I would cite the various times in which Bradford was cornered by my direct questions.  For example, in one thread, I asked the same question eight times and he would not respond, as the question clearly indicated he made a mistake in reasoning.  He eventually responded by warning me that I was trolling.

Bradford is incredibly stupid, incredibly ignorant, and incredibly dishonest. The three qualities have a delightful synergy.
I must say Bradford's meltdown was interesting to watch.  He threw the Telic Thoughts deletion policy out the window while behaving quite dishonorably.

That's the norm at TT, not the exception.
Apparently the motivation was to avoid losing face at all costs.  The light at the end of the tunnel is the cognitive dissonance he will feel as a result.  As all that dissonance adds up, he may eventually question those things he holds dear about himself.

There's not a chance in hell of that happening.

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