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Telic Thoughts guy says:

First, it's not really surprising that some SIVcpz Vpus have only one CK II site, and have a string of negatively charged amino acids in place of the second site. CK-II site phosphorylation also results in negative charge.

I found it interesting though, that virtually all HIV-1 sequences have both serines, even though they undergo so much variation during replication. The reason why may actually be that changing from a serine codon, to , say aspartate, requires at least two nucleotide substitutions, thus resulting in a rugged fitness landscape where a possible tranversion would result in a poor replicator. It's got to climb up a peak in order to mutate again to aspartate. So here we get a better understanding of Behe's thinking regarding "the edge of evolution".

That's a strikingly vague comment. Can you clarify this with some numbers, mister Telic Thinker? Or just this kind of hand waving?

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