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Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 22 2007,11:50)
One problem that you run into with following IDers is that most of them are just ignorant and arrogant. While this makes for some good laughs, it's not very challenging. We've been trying to recruit some smarter creationist to debate here. It's not very easy. It seems for every educated creationist familiar with science, there are about a million AFDaves and FtKs. Since we haven't yet managed to recruit such an educated creationist, perhaps we should make do by discussing the best of the bunch, Telic Thoughts. It's slightly better than the others. If Uncommonly Dense is like a clown car, Telic Thoughts is more like an AMC Pacer.

I had a long-running argument with JoeG (Joe Gallien, I think his name is?) on Telic Thoughts a couple of years ago. He kept claiming there was no evidence for macroevolution, and that there was no proposed mechanism for macroevolution.

It got kind of repetitive after a while.

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