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Thought Provoker

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 25 2007,09:55   

Hi All,

When SteveStory popped in at Telic Thoughts as "Steve" and started asking reasonable, yet probing questions, I was encouraged.  I think it is good to look at things from various points of view.

Once I realized who he was and that he had started a thread discussing Telic Thoughts here, I attempted to try and inform the discussion.

SteveStory indicated he was looking for something a little more substantial than the typical creationist fluff.

I suggest that I have offered such.

However, this has caused this thread to steer significantly off-topic (which, of course, happens all the time).

I also have got to get some real work done in real life.

Meanwhile, I hope I have managed to provoke some thinking here.  And, as a bonus, I started another thread called The Magic of Intelligent Design.

It is a repost of something I had presented at Telic Thoughts.  It provoked some thinking there (both for and against).  Maybe it could do the same here.

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