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Thought Provoker

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 24 2007,14:31   

Hi Albatrossity2,

You wrote...
Self-fulfilling prophecy. If you act arrogant ("I don't need to back up that accusation!"), and then get deemed arrogant, whose fault is it, anyway?
It is a double-edged sword.  Jam is accusing TT of being intolerant without backing up his accusation.  You are DEMANDING an explanation.

Which side is arrogant?

And actually, we weren't asking you to try. Speaking for myself only, I am pretty sure that I was asking the TT admins to back up an assertion. I don't think you are arrogant, but I gotta admit I wonder why you would stick up for some folks who do seem to be...
Most people consider me arrogant (so do I).

To me, this isn't about taking sides.  It is about provoking thought.

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