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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 24 2007,13:14   

Quote (Thought Provoker @ Sep. 24 2007,11:13)

I suggest the burdon of proof in this situation is yours.

I disagree.
Joy and MikeGene aren't any more capable of finding the comment(s) that caused the problem than you are.

Why not?
You indicated that you were banned three times.  MikeGene and Joy have offered explaination as to why they automatically enforced the ban on your two aliases.

But the ban wasn't enforced automatically, and their justification is entirely dependent on there being valid reasons for the first banning.
If you want to continue to try and make a case, then it is up to you to make it.  I already asked you once to provide a link to the first instance so I could judge for myself.  You have yet to do that.

I have no idea when or what that first instance was, TP, except that it occurred before I was banned. Can we agree that TT is not nearly as tolerant as you have repeatedly claimed them to be?

And what about microtubules? Are you grasping the absurdity of the extent of Penrose's reductionism? How can consciousness be reduced to microtubules, if a fibroblast's "decision" about which way to turn resists such reduction?

Why microtubules and not the actin cytoskeleton?

Do you realize how ridiculous a mention of "cytoskeletal microtubules" appears to anyone with the most rudimentary education in cell biology? Can you name an instance of non-cytoskeletal microtubules?

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