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Hi Joy. Maybe youíd be kind enough to expand on the topic you started here.

Iím especially interested in several of your comments; like this one:
The steam being released from TMI-2's cooling tower in the hours, days and weeks following the accident was contaminated with primary coolant water and the lode of radioactive material released from failed fuel and melting core, to the tune of millions of curies of everything from noble gases to heavy metals.

The natural draft cooling towers at TMI, and elsewhere including fossil plants, consist of condensate water. Condensate water is several systems removed from primary coolant water. For the condensate system to become contaminated first there would need to be tube ruptures in the generators, then tube ruptures in the condenser. Neither was documented at TMI. Even if TMI had experienced a steam generator tube rupture the primary water wouldnít have entered the condensate system. What I see you doing here is perpetrating the misconception that the TV and print media fostered at that time, and since. Almost every time thereís a nuclear incident they show a cooling tower. If you really are an ex HP tech then you know better.

And this from you:
I've seen a full-grown male human being get sucked through a 12-inch hatch that blew once in the airlock into containment, breaking every bone in his body and hurling him more than 50 feet through the air on the other side.

The emergency escape hatch at Surry is 18Ē in diameter. Please stop an think about this. An escape opening nowhere near large enough for someone to egress containment if the main door fails? Preposterous! Iíll take you saying youíve seen this happen to mean that you were onsite, but did not personally witness the event. For that to happen youíd have to be looking through the outer hatches sight glass. Thatís highly unlikely for someone who issued and read dosimetery. George came out of that accident with five or six broken bones, and a number of internal injuries. Heís doing well, and should retire within a few years. The next time I talk with him Iíll let him know he needs to check out all those other bones that were broken. Maybe he can sue the radiologists for malpractice.

And this:
Stillbirths rose 280% that year. Deformities of human and animal babies that were born were horrific.

The incidents of miscarriages and stillbirths after the TMI accident was studied. It didnít show what you have said. What it did show is a very slight increase of about 1% after the meltdown. The surrounding area had a spike in miscarriages a few months prior to the accident, up to very shortly after. Iím canít remember what this was attributed to, but it certainly wasnít the accident. It may very well have been a 280 % increase, but most came before the accident that year. †

All in all, your exaggerations, and lack of knowledge of basic nuclear plant systems leaves me somewhat skeptical of your honesty and sanity.

Grand Poobah of the nuclear mafia

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