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Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 23 2007,11:31)
Quote (JAM @ Sep. 23 2007,12:26)
Quote (Thought Provoker @ Sep. 23 2007,10:20)
MikeGene's rabbit threads are available to open discussions.

If someone wants to ask her something, there is a recent rabbit thread available that anyone can use.

False again.
from the peer reviewed paper  Orchestrated Objective Reduction of Quantum Coherence in Brain Microtubules: The "Orch OR" Model for Consciousness

Tell me, TP, what is the factual basis for your confident assertion that this paper was peer-reviewed?

JAM, have you been censored at TT? If so, under what conditions?

I attempted to find out the reasons why as I had never seen any behavior deserving expulsion. So I tried the direct approach in a Rabbit Thread.

Zachriel: So what happened to JAM?

MikeGene: The contributors voted to ban ‘JAM’ for misbehavior with multiple members well over a year ago. Since then, the person has re-entered TT with new screen names, where ‘JAM’ was simply the fifth.

Zachriel: You have every right to control your own forum. However, I have never seen any post by JAM that could be construed as "misbehavior". Knowing that he was the same commenter, you nevertheless allowed him to post for quite some time under the nick "JAM", so what prompted the current banning? What other names did he post under?

Bradford: The individual we're discussing has resurrected himself under different identities. The initial misbehavoir took place quite some time ago under a different moniker. I am not going into identity details but to answer your question about "allowing," it was not immediately clear what was occuring.

Zachriel: That's understandable. Perhaps someone else can explain (on this open thread) why JAM has been accused of "misbehavior".

Bradford: Just to be clear. The reason "JAM" was banned centers on deception, namely, making an end run around a process through an identity change. There are other reasons why the individual was initially banned.

Zachriel: What reasons? Under what name? As I said, I have seen nothing that can be construed as "misbehavior" by JAM. But I haven't read all of his posts, either. The accusation has been made, and I would like to know the basis of that accusation. As JAM apparently has some knowledge of genetics, I would think his contribution to these discussions would be informative.

MikeGene: The misbehavior occurred under the first screen name (and frankly, I don’t recall the details as these things are not important in my life). But this is all irrelevant now and won’t be pursued.

Zachriel: That's your choice. I just thought I would ask.

I never did find out why.

Proudly banned three four five times by Uncommon Descent.
There is only one Tard. The Tard is One.

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