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Thought Provoker

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You wrote...
Severely. I've been banned three times, but TP keeps persisting in his fantasy that the folks at TT are tolerant.

Primarily, I've been banned for pointing out obvious ways to test their hypotheses. Most recently, I was banned for arguing with Sal about malaria.

I remember something about you being banned because you tried to use an alias after being banned previously.

Can you provide a link to the first time you were banned?

I have seen some biased use of sending comments to the memory hole (some of mine have ended up there).

I have only known of one person being banned, that was you.  Zachriel (an ID critic) pressed MikeGene pretty hard about why.  The answer was in reference to your subterfuge.

I have seen some pretty vocal critics on Telic Thoughts that didn't get banned.  Nick Matzke makes regular appearances there.  I have dared MikeGene to simply ask me to leave when the going has gotten tough between us.  He has not done so.

I am of the opinion that I would not stay where I am not welcome.

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