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And does block time make more sense than alternative concepts?  Not good for free will, though.*

And inertia.  Inertia is weird.

And what was it like inside the primordial singularity?  Like nothing we see here now is the obvious answer, I suppose.

And why did it go "Bang!" at all?

And if we were able to poke around in the "quark soup" that followed the Bang - without being instantly vaporized, of course - would we be able to observe the roots of everything we see around us now?  Was it all somehow 'folded in' there or was something added to the mix after and, if so, where did that all come from?

Being a physicist can't be easy.

Small wonder some people just say it was designed and let it go at that.  Saves you from an awful lot of thinking.

*Any answer should be less than the threshold value of 500 millitorleys as anything longer will take longer than the current age of the Universe to read and comprehend. (Mainly because you keep falling asleep about a quarter of the way in)

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