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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 28 2011,14:50   

Guts gets battered by the true scientists in the room.

First, ID Git leads with a couple quick jabs:
Are these lineage specific insertions design differences, evolutionary differences or blind watchmaker diffferences?

Would baraminology, in which chimps and humans don't share a common ancestor but do share a common design, also "actually explain those differences"?

Then Bung lands the haymaker:
Would tiny green monkeys jumping around in human dna proove the hypothesis?

Ouch!  There is no answering the ID Git, but tiny green monkeys?  Zing!  At first, I thought it was setting up for a good tard fight - but it was just a bloodbath.  Guts showed up alone to a tard team match and I doubt he'll have the stomach to get back in the ring.  Expect instead for some bowing to design or some hasty new topics to push it off the first page.

(Hey Guts, they're just a little testy and defending YEC is low hanging fruit.  You could get back in their good graces, or at least get them to ease up on you, if you would pop over to UD and show them how to calculate CSI.)

Given that we are all descended from Adam and Eve...genetic defects as a result of intra-family marriage would not begin to crop up until after the first few dozen generations. - Dr. Hugh Ross

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