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Bilbo: ID Guy, At least Oleg(t) is raising interesting challenges to Johnnyb's ideas and not engaging in insults. And Johnny is taking the challenge. Thus we have an interesting discussion taking place. Whereas you are contributing your usual blather. You haven't crossed the line, yet, but I think I'll ban you now and save myself the trouble of needing to constantly check up on you.

Though it's easy to sympathize with Bilbo's impatience with ID guy's blathering, it's still best not to silence, but confront. IDers rarely do this, but pretend not to notice when they espouse contradictory views.


Olegt: So even though we cannot directly observe the formation of our planet, few people outside of YEC circles doubt that the Earth and the Sun formed 4.6 billion years ago. This is settled science.

Don't be ridiculous. As ID Guy astutely points out, until a video camera with a time travel option is invented, all speculation on the formation of the Solar System is equally valid.

Gotta love that new iPhone app.

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