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Quote (Lou FCD @ June 22 2008,10:22)
There are now at least 13 Telic Tards currently trying to pry their offended eyes from their sockets (well, as soon as they finish reading the smut and scrolling with the wrong hand evaluating the depravity of the enemy of Jesus).

Thank you robin.

I went over to TT to find the "smarter creationist" that was mentioned at the start of this thread. Guess how I feel now.

Although I think bringing up Salvador's antics might have been an unwise move, since now they are all "how can you be so petty, we would never!" But still, this was funny:

It's not our fault that you think Salvador is more important and interesting than science.

Am I entitled to conclude that you think Richard Dawkins is more important and interesting than science simply because there are so many non-science-related posts here dealing with his atheism, his personality, who he's 'slumming' with, and even whether he's sexy?

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