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(Permalink) Posted: June 21 2008,17:20   

Here's an interesting bit I saw recently at TT:

#  robin Says:
June 21st, 2008 at 4:09 pm |

Since this is a 'Speak Your Mind' thread, I'd like to mention something that has been bothering me for a long time.

Salvador Cordova has earned a reputation among those involved in the ID/creationism/evolution debate for blatant and chronic quote-mining, deceitful ad hominems, questionable debate tactics, and general dishonesty. The evidence shows that this reputation is deserved (I'm happy to provide examples if requested, but I think they might be unnecessary given how notorious Sal's behavior has become).

What bothers me is the lack of public condemnation of this behavior from Sal's fellow ID supporters.

I'm not saying that every ID supporter should police every statement made by fellow supporters. We are not our brothers' keepers, after all. I'm also not saying that ID supporters at Telic Thoughts should go out of their way to monitor statements made on other blogs. That would be an unreasonable expectation. But Sal has behaved this way on this very blog, and certainly many of his offensive actions elsewhere have been noted here by critics. It seems odd that he has been criticized so rarely, if at all, by ID supporters here. (If you think I'm wrong about this, I'm happy to consider evidence to the contrary).

Though I may disagree with ID supporters on many issues, I do believe that almost all of you take morality seriously, and that your moral codes do not sanction the kind of behavior Sal consistently indulges in.

His dishonesty and weird ad hominems are not just distasteful, they are downright counterproductive to his aims. Since Sal likes to portray himself as being among the leaders of the ID movement, those who don't know better might think that this is what ID is about, and that this is how IDers argue. I also suspect that the lack of repudiation by fellow ID supporters leads some observers to the conclusion that Sal's tactics enjoy general approval. That is a terrible message to be sending.

Perhaps some of you haven't said anything because you thought that ID critics were taking care of the problem. Indeed, ID critics have learned to keep an eye on Salvador and are pretty quick to point out his offenses, so it's possible that many of you have felt no reason to add anything when the critics have already weighed in.

If so, perhaps now is a good time to go on record with your feelings about Sal's methods. Do you approve of his quote-mining and absurd ad hominems? What about his debate tactics? Do you think his behavior is an asset or a liability to the ID movement?

I'm also especially interested in hearing from people who think highly of Salvador and his efforts.

The more opinions, the better.

Thanks. I feel better, having gotten that off my chest.

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