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(Permalink) Posted: June 15 2008,18:52   

Quote (stevestory @ June 15 2008,18:45)
Salvador, Telic Thoughts, and Walt Brown

The tard density threatens to tear a hole in the Space Time Continuum.

That thread is pretty long. áHere is a direct link to Sal's comment on Brown.

ETA: Walt's name was brought up by Thought Provoker who offered this delightful euphemism:
Hi Mike,

I think, therefore I am.

I can only presume that other people think at all, much less what they think unless they present it.

I find it difficult to trust people who do not honestly and openly present what they think and defend it.

I offer Walt Brown as a religiously oriented thinker willing to honestly present and defend his hypothesis.

I must say that I actually enjoy TP's company there. áHe's a good sport.

If you are not:
Galapagos Finch
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