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(Permalink) Posted: May 20 2008,10:47   

Joy has a suggestion.

Joy: Hmmm… maybe Bilbo should re-name this the "Joy of Tard" thread? How about the "Joy is Batshit Insane" thread? Or maybe the "Bradford is Incredibly Stupid, Incredibly Ignorant, and Incredibly Dishonest" thread? The "Guts is a Fascist Lying Bastard" thread?

Or we could just take up the suggestion and rename this blog "Telic Tards" or "Tardic Thoughts."

Joy gives AtBC a love-tap.

Joy: These guys are a nasty piece of work, and it's not art. There is something positively creepy about a web forum calling itself The Critic's Resource that is nothing but a glorified chat-with-graphics for anti-social outcasts wasting endless days and nights calling people names, bitching about how many times they've been banned from other forums for abuse and general delinquency, and howling in rage whenever one of their chosen sacrificial lambs resists the knife and kicks them in the nuts instead of rolling over.

I personally don't know why we put up with ANY AtBC poser on this forum. It's not like they're capable of being what you might call honest or anything. I haven't seen any Swamp denizens offering apologies for bad behavior in this apology thread. And while I can certainly get as frustrated as anyone with juvenile delinquents, wannabe mind-tyrants and biting gnats, I do not apologize for having little tolerance for narcissists with Asperger's or spoiled brats who need a spanking a whole lot more than they need 'understanding'.

But then, I do have other things to do with my time, and science has already brushed the mud of these dinosaurs off its collective bio-sneakers. Which is just what I predicted long ago would happen when it became inescapable that their restrictive paradigm was flat wrong. Have a happy life, and don't forget to laugh occasionally - it really is absurd!

"Anti-social outcasts", "banned from other forums", "howling in rage", "Swamp denizens", "juvenile delinquents, wannabe mind-tyrants and biting gnats", "narcissists with Asperger's", "spoiled brats who need a spanking", "dinosaurs".

She really does know the inhabitants of AtBC!

Proudly banned three four five times by Uncommon Descent.
There is only one Tard. The Tard is One.

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