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Being a professor doesn't mean you have to be a nice person, or even very smart about real world things - why, it's rudie-boy professors who RUN this so-called culture war! Perhaps Oleg is trading his starring role in a cage for a walk on part in the war.

Comment by Joy May 19, 2008 @ 11:34 pm

This is completely out to lunch. An occasional meanie professor gets a lot of attention, but the fundamental culture war has a history throughout the 20th century. In brief, I'd describe it as a few events. 1) civil rights movements occur all 20th century and cause very uncomfortable changes for whites and men after WW2. 2) Nixon, Buchanan, et al figure out that they can take advantage of the fear and resentment by playing up culture issues like racism in the south and thereby fracture the democratic party. Also, over the course of the century people fled farms and moved to the big city, and there are cultural changes associated with that, and with generally being more educated, and with generally being richer.

I'd say those are the big trends in the culture war. If you think the central trends are too many 20-year-olds robotically parroting their meany biology professor then I think you're about as informed as Kevin James in the green room before Hardball.

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