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Quote (Art @ April 27 2008,21:29)

Commenter Jean asks about another commenter's publication record, responding to a quip about Berlinski. A quick check of Berlinski's h-factor on SCI yields a value of 1, and an average citation rate for his papers of 0.1 (probably rounded - he has three citations total for all 27 articles/notes/comments/reviews).

Yup, that's a real powerhouse of scholarly output.  Berlinski has been cited THREE times in scholarly works over the years.

And all probably IN HIS OWN publications!!

How can anyone forget Dr. Berlinski interviewing (wait for it...) Dr Berlinski.

Dr Berlinski (and so is my wife) has a persona not unlike our Dr. Dr. Dembski except he's 2 assshats above and askew...or askhimself...or whateva.

PS. Louis isn't schizophrenic..... just the voices won't let him believe him.

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