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You have never heard about Oudemanse and after him called phenomenon of the total coloration of animals ("Totalzeichnung"). That's why Alan pursued me - instead of making his own research - to ISCID with his questions. †

Because you didn't find any information using google the phenomenon apparently does not exist for you. †

But you should learn more about how to use google:


The independence of pattern formation mechanisms means that the coordination of united patterns of fore- and hindwings is accidental. This is remarkable, because from Oudemansís principle [10] , patterns appearing on the exposed surface of fore- and hindwing at the natural resting position are often integrated to form a composite and united adaptive pattern with their surrounding environment.


VMartin can't understand how a particular butterfly evolved to look the way it does, therefore goddidit.

But we are pretty sure naturalselectiondidnotdoit.

I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.-
Charles Darwin

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