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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Sep. 23 2007,04:22)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Sep. 23 2007,04:12)
Just to get a feel for your position, if we say that 100% is every living creature that ever existed then what % would you say are represented in the fossil record?

I.E what % of all living creatures fossilize?

No idea.

Then you have no basis for claiming that the incomplete nature of the fossil record represents a problem for modern evolutionary theory. 

I suggest that you look for the relevant evidence. Here's a place to start: passenger pigeons used to be common, now they are extinct. Has anyone ever found a fossilized one?

I have a question for you:
What % of transitional versus non-transitional forms are fossilized?

You'd have to know the answer, as well as the answer to oldman's question, to come to the conclusion you've already asserted.

Is there some difference that makes the transitional forms more resistant to fossilization than their non-transitional counterparts?

Are they more "resistant"? How would the concept of "resistance" work anyway, since the issue is one of sampling?

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