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Quote (Daniel Smith @ Sep. 22 2007,15:01)
Quote (jeannot @ Sep. 22 2007,05:02)
Quote (Daniel Smith @ Sep. 22 2007,04:07)
What then, is your position on the lack of evidence in the fossil record for gradualism?

Mine is rather straightforward:
Given the billions of animal and plant species that have existed, we've only collected a very small fraction of them as fossils.

We don't expect to find most transitional forms.

But we have found millions of fossil remains for many types of organisms.  Why then do we still find no evidence of smooth, gradual transitions between types?  

No evidence? I doubt it. I'm not a paleontologist, but I heard they can study vicariance with the fossil record. That involve fossil species that are very similar, supporting gradualism.
And I'm not sure we have fossil remains for millions of species.
Let's take hominids. Only rather recently have we discovered many of the forms that separate us from the common ancestor we have with chimps.

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