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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 22 2007,22:39   

Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Sep. 22 2007,22:12)
FTK - You're back! You're giddy!

I already commented on your expulsion, but won't again because Wesley sends raptors to pluck your scalp when you do.  

It always was love-hate, you and AtBC, now same as it ever was. A few rascals here turn you on (and turn on you) more than any 10 creationist stuffed shirts. They stir your soul, and you stir up AtBC, and both keep spinning long after the party's over. What IS that?

Here's a little advice. Just get with real evolutionary biology and come over to the dark side. You just KNOW you WANT to. You'd be able to argue from a position that actually has basis in science, you'd leave behind that nagging worry that you've committed thousands of hours to studying abject horseshit, and would no longer be associated with the phony psychotic trollery of the likes of supersport. You can even remain a committed Christian and hang out at your church.

We'd still pull your pigtails, but it wouldn't be in a mean way.

Well, Bill, you are one of only a couple people who understood my Lenny parody.  Thank you for that.

As far as coming over to the dark side, I have a much more difficult plan in mind.

I'm going to drag the whole lot of you out of that swamp that's foggin' your minds and into the light....

Now relax, while I work my magic...[God knows it's going to take a friggin miracle to pull this one off.]

"Evolution is a creationism and just as illogical [as] the other pantheistic creation myths"  -forastero

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