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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ Sep. 21 2007,23:42)
My hunch is this had something to do with it:

CARM's SS is a troll, pure and simple.  He told me privately that he  doesn't believe a word he posts, that it's all entertainment

Didn't SS say he actually believed all he wrote, but jazzed it up a bit to get an extra rise?

I know it's a jackass thing to do, but still, Paley just made shit up and got awa with it for months.

I'm not the fastest or the baddest or the fatest.

You NEVER seem to address the fact that the grand majority of people supporting Darwinism in these on line forums and blogs are atheists. That doesn't seem to bother you guys in the least. - FtK

Roddenberry is my God.

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