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Quote (supersport @ Sep. 18 2007,17:29)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Sep. 18 2007,09:25)
Quote (supersport @ Sep. 18 2007,06:52)
Quote (k.e @ Sep. 18 2007,02:30)
This would make sense from a Biblical perspective. Remember how it was that Adam and Eve walked and talked in the Garden with God? I believe Adam and Eve were probably created perfectly and designed to live foreverů.it was only after sin entered that they Spiritually began to degenerate...and this process continues today.

Why is it you fundies have such a hangup about sex?

It's like you are trapped permanently in the birth canal.

everyone has hangups with sex....we "fundies" just don't do it with animals and with members of our own gender like others in society.

..until you get caught.

lol...good one.

Take no notice of him spectator sport he's a complete prima donna.

The conservative has but little to fear from the man whose reason is the servant of his passions, but let him beware of him in whom reason has become the greatest and most terrible of the passions.These are the wreckers of outworn empires and civilisations, doubters, disintegrators, deicides.Haldane

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