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Quote (stevestory @ Sep. 18 2007,00:20)
Quote (supersport @ Sep. 18 2007,01:04)
so I haven't looked around here much...are there any/many anti-darwinists here?

We had a housewife named FtK who argued for about 500 posts. Most of her posts were about why she didn't want to talk. Evasive and boring. A YEC from texas like yourself named AFDave posted about 1500 times before we encouraged him to take his show on the road to Internet Infidels Discussion Board. He still posts on our Bathroom Wall thread.

We've been looking around for other creationists. The problem is, we're an educated crowd. About 100 people here have science degrees, for instance. But we can't find educated creationists. We've got one educated, smart guy who calls himself a creationist but doesn't really oppose evolution, so, that doesn't generate much heat. We're trying to find educated anti-evolutionists. People who are familiar with science's processes and results. It's no fun for us to argue with people who don't really know anything. So far, no luck.

well I don't know if I would meet your criteria or not for "educated."   I don't have a degree in science, but I do some reading on it...or at least I look at the pictures in the books I have....that's worth something, I guess.

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