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J. O'Donnell

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just for fun, why don't you name me a disease that's been cured in the last 30 years with medicine.  Please keep in mind the trillions of dollars going into the pockets of Big Medicine.....

Wait, you mean like smallpox?

Is this supposed to be a trick question.

[Smallpox was wiped out in 1977 incidentally]

I think that "thirty years" is in there specifically to exclude smallpox and polio.

Well actually, the past 30 years have seen the biggest rise in degnerative diseases

This is also because populations world wide are aging (because, you know, medicine allows people to live significantly longer than they have before), standards of living are going up while unfortunately activities like proper diet and excercise are being compromised by a more "24" hour world than what things used to be (IE less home cooking, higher rates of obesity). "Curing" something like heart disease is difficult given that these are often conditions caused by aging cells and finding a way to reverse years of damage called by excessive drinking, lack of excercise, poor diet and such is truly ridiculous.

Of course, what you won't acknowledge probably is that treatments for such conditions have got considerably better over the years, which has greatly amended suffering and often the severity of these conditions (but curing is probably not exactly within the realms of possibility).

Really, if you're going to set up a strawman can you at least make an argument that makes sense to go with it first.[/quote]
actually, if you want to look at reality honestly, you must admit that people are getting these degenerative diseases (such as heart disease, cancer, etc) at younger and younger's getting worse, not better.

Only if you completely ignore everything else I actually wrote there and that, in general, the majority of those who get conditions like cancer and heart disease are part of the aging population.

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