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I have a very simple challenge to evolutionists.    

I challenge evolutionists to show me ONE mutation ever documented in the history of science that has created a new, beneficial, selectable morphological addition to an existing body part.    .    .    .    (a mutation that alters physical, outward appearance in a beneficial way. ) For example, the eye was said to have evolved by way of numerous mutations, each mutation adding on to what previous mutations (plus selection) had added before.  

Please keep in mind that there are mutations that duplicate existing structures, mutations that reduce existing structures, mutations that deform organisms, and mutations that cause disease and death.    .    .    .    Unfortunately for Darwinists, however, mutations can add nothing beneficial to the observable phenotype, which is the cornerstone of ToE.    

This is my claim. . this is my challenge. . . and this challenge has not yet been answered by anyone.    

Knowing this, it is my opinion that the theory of evolution is little more than a wacky metaphysical belief, much like astrology or palm reading.    

The floor is open!

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