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Quote (Occam's Toothbrush @ Sep. 17 2007,06:31)
Why do you want to discuss the most compliacted phenomenon of the evolution (the evolution of man), when you cannot address simple evolutionary problems like coloration of insects or fungi? Unbelievable.

What is your evidence that the evolution of man is "the most complicated phenomenon of the evolution"?  In what units do you measure the complicatedness of evolutionary phenomena?

And what is your theory, anyway?  Am I oversimplifying your/JAD's piddlings when I summarize them as "god made species evolve, then he/she/it died"?

I wouldn't be surprised if the evolution of man would be very simple in your eyes. Natural selection is so powerful (you have only to believe in it, that's all.)

Anyway if you are unable coherently discuss the coloration of animals you are probably an expert on coloration of human races. It is much more easier for you I suppose.


What was the coloration of a common ancestor of human races?

What is the advantage and meaning of yellow, reddish and black skin? Should we apply darwinian mantras and consider black skin to be "cryptic"? And people with reddish or yellow skin to "aposematics"? Hehe.

But I am pretty sure you have no answer to evolution of coloration of skin of human races. All of you here are lost to explain coloration of insects...  no wonder you are also lost as to coloration of human races.

I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.-
Charles Darwin

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