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Alan Fox:


So far, all we have had are variations on the theme of "This (insert appropriate example of mushrooms, slugs, ladybirds etc) is a problem for Darwinism.

It's not my fault that above mentioned facts are problem for darwinism. Many scientists considered it same way. I quoted them.

But I can adress it elsewhere, you suggested me a thread about mimicry. Is there a thread on mimicry here at AtBC?

As to common ancestor of man and ape: I am surprised that people here are unable to address evolution of coloration of ladybirds, mushrooms etc... but they are obviously able to address such complicated problems as evolution of human speech, etc...

Why do you want to discuss the most compliacted phenomenon of the evolution (the evolution of man), when you cannot address simple evolutionary problems like coloration of insects or fungi? Unbelievable.

I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.-
Charles Darwin

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