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Quote (k.e @ Sep. 06 2007,23:05)
? ? ?
Quote (Henry J @ Sep. 07 2007,06:14)
Re "Check the basic rules about adding and subtraction of colors. These rules are very important in printing plants. Or ask some artist."

Ah. You're talking about mixing pigments. I was thinking about mixing frequencies of light.


Autodidacts hate being corrected.

Pigments? Autodidacts?

Do you mean that removing red frequency from the light spectrum will cause that the light entering the eye should be perceived as green?

Do you think that spectum colors violet, blue, yellow, orange and green (without red) should be perceived in their totality as green?

Have you ever heard about Hering's red-green channel
or you are again explaing the complicated problem of color perception ad hoc using only your phantasy?
(But no wonder, because you often use your phantasy as the only scientific method for explaining of evolutionary processes too.)

I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.-
Charles Darwin

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