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Quote (VMartin @ Sep. 06 2007,23:13)
Quote (Kristine @ Sep. 06 2007,16:18)
? ? ?
Quote (slpage @ Sep. 06 2007,12:53)
So, is VMartin really an eastern european, or is he someone else pretending to be?

I refer to his on-again-off-again typed broken english. ?I understand that such things happen in spoken language, but I have a hard time accepting that you can exhibit 'broken english' when you type... sometimes...

His IP, when he graced my blog with his presence, originated in Slovakia.

Hi Kristine.

There is some good habit here makinkg psychonalysis for gratis. I have passed out here two psycholalysis - the one ?from Arden and the second from Alan Fox. Btw. both guys pursue me with their monomaniacal questions whatever I wrote. Arden even created this thread to give vent his urge.

Alan even logged at ISCID where his annoying question disturbs our discussions there.

But both of them are perfect ?psychoanalysts.

And now me:

I think your surrealism compensate your liking in darwinism. You as an poet feel more clearly than many folks here that this teaching is not correct answer to problems of evolution. Your psyche revolt. Thats why your psyche seek compensation in surrealism.

More cultivated thoughts about the problem of surrealism and biology can be find in the book of professor ?Adolf Portmann "Biologie und Geist".

My "psyche seek compensation in surrealism" because I am flower of the orient, can love Darwinism longtime, everyone. :D

VMartin, as a philosophy surrealism is a crock. As an attitude and an aesthetic (which it was never intended to be), it gives a certain playfulness to life, like Cocteau films and punning over the heads of clueless twits. Hint. Lighten up.

Get out of your closet with that psychoanalysis and those pigments and live a little, or you?ll continue to play the straight man in Alan?s and Arden?s comedy routine.

*Braces for predictable protestation re misunderstanding of meaning of "straight"*

Which came first: the shimmy, or the hip?

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