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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 06 2007,14:30   

Quote (slpage @ Sep. 06 2007,13:53)
So, is VMartin really an eastern european, or is he someone else pretending to be?

I refer to his on-again-off-again typed broken english. ?I understand that such things happen in spoken language, but I have a hard time accepting that you can exhibit 'broken english' when you type... sometimes...

I had my suspicions at first, too, but there seems to be solid evidence that he's Slovakian. He wrote a passage of Czech (I don't think it was Slovak) that convinced David Marjanovic of his authenticity.

I suspect that VM first started studying English rather recently, so sometimes his English kind of goes in and out. I gather that in that part of Europe people haven't been studying English for very long.

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