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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 06 2007,12:29   

As almost everyone here must know by now, I have been trying with spectacular lack of success to get VMartin to answer two simple questions:

1) do you believe common descent is correct?

2) how old is the earth?

I even rephrased the second question as a multiple choice question, and he still refuses to answer either question.

Now, I've seen several creationists repeatedly refuse to answer these questions, and I have my own hunch as to why VM won't answer them, but VM has finally made a claim as to WHY he won't answer them:

We are here not at a geological forum and we are not here even on a geological thread. That's why your question is off-topic. I will never answer your off-topic questions at these threads.

Okay, evidently he won't answer these questions if he thinks they're off-topic. So here's a thread devoted ENTIRELY to him and these questions. These questions are totally on-topic here.

So then, *ahem*.

To repeat, V:

1) do you believe common descent is correct?

2) the Earth is:

a) 4.5 billion years old
b) around 12,000 years old
c) around 6,000 years old
d) probably a couple million years old
e) none of the above.

Since I have now fulfilled Martin's standards of relevancy, I'm sure he'll answer now.

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