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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: April 11 2008,13:58   

Quote (VMartin @ April 11 2008,13:26)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ April 11 2008,13:11)
Quote (VMartin @ April 11 2008,13:04)
If you know something more about modern "evolutionary biologists" who are not "darwinists" and haven't been fired from their Uni yet (except Behe and biologists from Uni Prague hehe) let me know. I quoted Heikertinger, Mc Atee, Portman, Goldschmidt, Neubauer, Komarek, Petr and Davison who are no way orthodox neo-darwinists and who dismissed "natural selection" and "random mutation" as the source of evolution - or mimicry. I would say many of their arguments might be neglected - but not refuted.

Let me know who refuted 45 years lasting research of US agriculture department of 80.000 stomach contents of birds and of so called "aposematism" of insects (the same for Csiki conclusion about 2.900 birds stomachs Hungary 1905-1910) . The argument that they didn't base their conclusions on "representative sample" is no sufficient unless modern "evolutionary biologists" do the same "representative research" themselves. I would say some dubious experiments with stressed caged birds are no way "representative research" dismissing voluminous observation of behaviour of birds in free done in past.

Sure, Marty

Whatever you say. "Darwinists" are obviously completely wrong about all of this. Nobody can argue with a refutation of 45 years of stomach content analysis...

But there must be a better explanation that you and the other refuters have some evidence for. So perhaps now you can divulge your explanation of how those dragonflies got those colors and patterns.

I'm all ears...

Obviously "natural selection" is no explanation of it.

What is?

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